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TMC to Display 3 Concepts, F1 Car at Tokyo Motor Show

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Toyota FT-EV II
© Toyota Motor

Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces that three concept vehicles and the TF109 Formula One racing car are to highlight its Toyota-brand exhibit for the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. The show is open to the public from October 24 to November 4 at Makuhari Messe in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture.

TMC views motor shows as an opportunity to highlight new, automotive possibilities, and so over the years has used them to unveil a wide variety of concept vehicles and groundbreaking technologies.

This year, the Toyota-brand exhibit continues its theme from the previous Tokyo Motor Show: “Harmonious Drive — A New Tomorrow for People and the Planet”. (more…)

Mitsubishi Motors Lineup at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV
© Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

Tokyo — Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will be showing a total of 16 cars at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in October. Among cars on display at the Mitsubishi Motor stand include two concept cars developed to a “The EV¹: Its dawn and future” theme: the Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV and the i-MiEV CARGO, the i-MiEV new-generation electric vehicle for which the company is currently accepting pre-orders for the start of sales to individual customers in April 2010; and 10 current production vehicles that qualify for eco-car tax incentives in Japan. The 41st Tokyo Motor Show will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture just outside metropolitan Tokyo, open to the public from October 24 through November 4, with Press Days October 21 and 22.
¹ electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle

World premiere: Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV

Powered by the new Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid System, which significantly extends the frequency a hybrid vehicle is driven in EV mode, the Mitsubishi Concept PX²-MiEV³ returns fuel economy in excess of 50 km/liter. The Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV is a new-generation concept car that balances high environmental performance with road performance by utilizing differential motors and Mitsubishi's all-new S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control), that utilizes E-AYC (Electric-powered Active Yaw Control) which transfers torque to the rear left and right wheels. Other features include Mitsubishi's cocochi-interior⁴, which provides occupants with a comfortable cabin environment, as well as many of the latest safety technologies.

² PX: Plug-in hybrid crossover.
³ MiEV: Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle
⁴ “cocochi” is a pun on the Japanese word for “cozy”

World premiere: i-MiEV CARGO

Derived from the production i-MiEV, this concept maximizes the outstanding environmental performance and economic efficiency characteristics that define the EV and at the same time adds a generous amount of rear free space to extend the range of uses to which it can be put by corporate users and self-employed operators in particular. The rear space features space-efficient cubic dimensions to allow the user to exercise their imagination fully in adapting it for whatever use he/she chooses. The result is a concept for an EV that meets user needs for a variety of situations: from business use, where maximum payload space is required, to leisure and other individual owner uses.

GM India and Reva Announce Electric Vehicle Partnership

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

New Delhi — General Motors India and Reva Electric Car Company announced today in New Delhi the signing of an agreement to cooperate in the development of electric vehicles for the India market.

GM India and Reva will jointly develop car platforms, electric vehicle technology and advanced vehicle control systems. Their goal is to create and launch an affordable small car for domestic consumers.

“We are pleased to be joining hands with Reva, a leader in the development of electric drivetrains and control systems,” said GM India President and Managing Director Karl Slym. “We will also work closely with the government of India, which has expressed a goal of reducing fossil fuel dependence, in the development of an electric vehicle infrastructure. (more…)

Peugeot BB1
Creativity in pursuit of the freedom of movement

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
Peugeot BB1
© Automobiles Peugeot

With its BB1 concept car, Peugeot has fearlessly pushed back the conventions and boundaries of automobile manufacturing to bring a totally original response to the current and future needs of urban mobility.

Capable of seating four people in a vehicle just 2.5 meters long, the BB1 concept car is a full electric vehicle that reinvents the automobile in every way: architecture, style, interior design, drive, connectivity — while all the time respecting the environment.

At the forefront are the values of liberty, optimism — even “altruism”.The BB1 concept car is the promise of a new driving experience. (more…)

Automobile Manufacturers Stick Up for Electric Vehicles with Fuel Cell

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Stuttgart — Today, Daimler AG announced that the leading vehicle manufacturers in fuel cell technology — Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation/Opel, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, the alliance Renault SA and Nissan Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation — gave a joint statement to the development and market introduction of electric vehicles with fuel cells with a Letter of Understanding (LoU). These companies have built up remarkable know-how in fuel cell technology and thus, the signing marks a major step towards the serial production of such locally emission-free vehicles.

The signing automobile manufacturers strongly anticipate that from 2015 onwards a quite significant number of electric vehicles with fuel cell could be commercialized. (more…)