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BYD's Bid to Break the Chinese Mold

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
BYD F3 DM Hybrid

Chinese car makers have come in for a lot of stick in their attempts to export to Europe. Quality, in general, remains at best suspect — and at worst, downright dangerous, judging by high-profile failed crash tests of Landwind and Brilliance cars.

And then there's the issue of design piracy — a number of obvious copies of other automakers' cars have controversially been shown at shows, with some automakers mobilizing their lawyers as a result.

But the Geneva Show saw the European debut of the Chinese automaker that might just make a breakthrough. (more…)

GE Invests in Electric Vehicle Producer Think and Battery Manufacturer A123Systems to Commercialize Electric Car

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
TH!NK City
Business Wire

Geneva & Washington — (BUSINESS WIRE) — GE (NYSE: GE) announced it is ramping up its efforts to enable global electrification of transportation by investing in Norwegian electric car manufacturer Think, which unveiled a five-seat crossover concept car in Geneva today. To power its vehicles, Think has signed a commercial supply agreement with lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123Systems. GE is in a unique position to help both companies commercialize technology to make electric transportation practical and affordable.

Think presented its investment relationship with GE in Geneva at the 78th International Motor Show (more…)