February 29, 2008

GM Daewoo Damas and Labo Mini-Commercial

Press Release

Seoul — GM Daewoo Auto and Technology (GM Daewoo) announced today that it would resume regular production of the Damas and Labo mini-commercial vehicles on April 1. The two models are powered by a new Liquefied Petroleum Gas Injection (LPGi) engine that meets the latest Korean Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (KULEV) standard.

“Since their production ceased last January, GM Daewoo has been working vigorously to bring these unique models back to the market. They will fulfill demand in a segment in which no other automakers participate,” said Rick LaBelle, GM Daewoo Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing. “The new Damas and Labo are more environmentally friendly. In addition to meeting Korea's stringent new emission standard, they offer better fuel economy and improved performance.”

The mini-commercial vehicles' LPGi engines measure the exact amount of fuel needed at a given moment through two engine control units while constantly monitoring driving conditions. Fuel is injected in a gaseous form directly into the cylinders. The result is better starting at lower temperatures and greater engine output compared to the previous models. In addition, the power of the new Damas and Labo has improved 16 percent to 43 PS at 5,000 rpm, while torque has gone up 12 percent to 6.7 kg·m at 4,000 rpm.

The Damas's fuel efficiency of 11.5 km/L is a 16.8 percent improvement from its predecessor's 10.5 km/L, while the Labo's fuel efficiency of 12.2 km/L represents an improvement of 18.4 percent from its predecessor's 10.3 km/L. Another benefit of the efficient LPGi engine is a reduction in incomplete combustion, which results in lower exhaust emissions.

Other technical improvements to the LPGi engine include the adoption of the Direct Ignition System (DIS), which helps prevent incomplete combustion by optimizing ignition timing, and Electric Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EEGR), which further lowers emissions of gases such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. As a result, the new Damas and Labo fulfill the latest emission standards for CO (1.06 g/km), NOx (0.031 g/km) and hydrocarbons (0.025 g/km).

Additional improvements were made to the vehicles themselves to enhance convenience for users. For example, the hazard switch was moved to the center of the instrument panel from the steering column and the power windows switch was moved to the driver's door trim from the instrument panel for easier and safer access while driving. Other updated features include fixed floor mats, a new two-step tailgate latch and a larger gear knob. Newly designed wheel covers, side deco tape, an audio cover and an instrument cluster housing all add sporty, modern styling.

“The wait is over for those who have missed the incomparable fuel cost and mini-car benefits that for so long have made the GM Daewoo mini-commercial vehicles the perfect choice for small businesses,” said LaBelle. “It is our hope that the rebirth of the Damas and Labo will help revitalize the LPG vehicle market.”

Originally launched in 1991, the Damas and Labo are the longest-selling GM Daewoo/Daewoo products on the market. GM Daewoo will take preorders from March 1 until the vehicles reach showrooms on April 1.

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