December 11, 2005

Combining the G6 and GTO

Andrew Charles

Let me make this clear, this is not a rumor, nor is it speculation, it is a suggestion to GM. If it makes sense to you, and you like these product suggestions then you may want to lobby GM, directly and through your local Pontiac dealer.

Timing for the next major overhaul of the G6 put it beyond the introduction of Epsilon II, and so the program (GMX 388) has apparently been cancelled We have since been assured the program is still on track. At the same time volume for the V8 GTO has not been high, and the new Holden coupe may diverge from NA requirements. What to do?

As the G6 is currently built in a seperate plant to other NA Epsilon models (Malibu and Aura), I suggest merging the GTO and G6 sedan and coupe and switching both to a rwd platform shared with the Camaro (seperate to the much larger Global RWD platform). All three could be built in the G6's current Orion assembly plant for maximum capacity utilisation and flexibility between the three models (Camaro, G6, GTO). The GTO would effectivly become the HO V8 version of the G6 coupe with strategic styling changes to seperate it from its cheaper V6 sibling. Already both are a similar size and the GTO would nicely cap off the coupe lineup. High commonality with the G6 would support the limited sales of the GTO, and make a cabrio version an easy addition, while sharing the architecture with the Camaro would improve the business case for that new architecture (smaller than the new big sedans' Global Rwd/ex-Zeta).

A rwd G6 sedan would give Pontiac something unique in the North American market. GM doesn't need to worry about the lack of a mainstream fwd sedan, as they will still have three with the budget Malibu, sporty Aura and premium LaCrosse. The real question is—do you want an affordable rwd midsize Pontiac in your garage?

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2 Responses to “Combining the G6 and GTO”

  1. Pedro says:

    Hi, my name is Pedro and I post on Cheers and Gears under the name ZL-1.
    Re your suggestion to GM re the G6, I am all in favour of that approach. I’d go even further and say a V8 version would even fill possible “G8” shoes!

  2. Pedro says:

    Hey, my name is Pedro too! I post at Cheers and Gears under Chevyman. However, I mostly troll. I have a 2004 GTO and love it. It think this is a good idea. No point in having a GTO and a G6 coupe. Both should be combined and positioned against the G35 coupe as a slightly more upscale coupe that the Camaro.