November 10, 2009

Citroën C-ZERO, a 100% Electric Solution

Press Release

Citroën C-ZERO
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Paris — Zero fuel consumption, zero CO2 emissions and zero noise: with the C-ZERO, Citroën is broadening its compact vehicle range with a 100% electric solution. The new city car was designed to make urban mobility easier, with its compact dimensions, rapid charge, and sufficient range for day-to-day car journeys. And all this in a silence that makes occupants forget about the noise of the city. The C-ZERO is a real concentrate of technology and creativity that meets tomorrows challenges today!

Having already produced more than 5,500 electric vehicles, Citroën has the experience vital to being a frontrunner in a market segment that is set to grow significantly in the coming years.

Set for launch in last-quarter 2010, the C-ZERO, developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, is the brands second electric vehicle alongside Berlingo First Electric, developed with Venturi. In France, both these models qualify for the government bonus of 5,000 euros.

An Offering Consistent with Citroën Policy

Long committed to a policy of reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Citroën, a leading environmental carmaker, is adding the C-ZERO to a range that already features a wealth of environmentally-respectful products.

Current Citroën achievements:

  • C3 and DS3 models emitting 99 g/km of CO2 will be available from launch
  • More than 30% of Citroën vehicles sold emit less than 120 g/km of CO2

Upcoming technologies:

  • Widespread application of second-generation Stop & Start system in 2010
  • Launch of a full-hybrid vehicle, the DS5, in 2011

100% Electric Vehicle

The Citroën C-ZERO is a full-electric vehicle powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor delivering 47 kW or 64 ch EEC from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm. Maximum torque of 180 Nm is available from 2,000 rpm. Power is transmitted to the rear axle via a single-speed reduction gear.

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